Quality System

  • A


  • B


  • C

    Technical package DMF files support

  • D

    Internal audit every year

  • E

    Customers audit 30+annually



  • 01


    100MT sweage handling capacity daily

    Online exhaust gas absorption system

  • 02


    Occupational exposure protection measures

    Occupational health examination annually

  • 03


    Identification and precaution of risk factors

    Establishment of SOP to handle dangerous reactions

Shining Pharma is located in Province level fine chemical park and we continuous improve our EHS management system for our sustainable development.


IP Protection

Obligations to protect customer’s IP from early research to clinical,to commercialization.Promise to protctet customer’s IP exclusively if we cooperate through service mode(CDA&MSA).We have submitted 17 invention patents, 9 of which have been authorized.


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